Ok lemme re-write episode 12 

Rin shows up at Haru’s with 2 plane tickets. Haru doesn’t want to go but now that he’s like butchered his friendship with his 3 closest friends and Rin is the only one comimg back to him, he decides to just pack a fast bag and go

they travel Rin shows Haru the sights and Haru has his own inner monologue about how big the world is and like finding his future isn’t the end all, there’s so much to see and do, so much he hasn’t done. 

He begins to admire Rin for leaving to do this, follow his dream, work so hard and in turn Haru realizes he wants to find a dream, as opposed to episode 9 where he says he doesn’t want a dream at all. 

He’s inspired by Rin to find a dream and maybe it’s pro swimming, maybe it’s a small job being able to support himself, maybe it’s getting a degree in something simple so he’s not restricted and he can still be free to do what he wants. 

he returns home and thanks Makoto for calling Rin and apologizes for what he’d told him and confesses to his friends that he swims for them but he knows realistically he needs more to swim for if he wants to continue as he is. They all agree that they’ll do whatever they can so Haru can continue on and eventually find a dream of his own. 

Rin is proud of himself because while he’s always been so inspired by Haru, now was the time he was able to repay Haru and inspire him to find something to dream for, a goal to reach. 

The end. 

This is an episode that I would watch 5 times over ngl



sometimes tumblr’s US-centric social justice makes me so fucking frustrated. Right now sweden’s third biggest party are literally neo-nazis and our elections couldn’t even get onto trending tags today, goddamit.

Okay, so the post is gaining notes and people are confused, so to explain what the hell is going on: 


Swedish elections held were on last Sunday, 14th September. We’ve had a right-leaning government the past eight years and after this there will be a change of power. The new party, Socialdemocrats (S) gained a total of 31% percent. The old party, Moderaterna (M) gained 21%. 

Sverigedemokraterna (SD) gained a total of 12.9%. Their policy is racist, Islamophobic, anti-immigration, anti-refugee, anti-diversity, anti-LGBT+, and anti-feminist. Basically, they tick every box on the douchebag lottery.

If you’re here to argue that they’re ~not actually~ Nazis: 1) Fuck you. 2) Fuck the horse the you rode in on. 3) I hope you get stepped on by a moose, you ignorant asswipe. 

  1.  they literally started as neo nazis. They have used a Neo-Nazi movement as campaign slogans,
  2. party members have assaulted immigrants with iron pipes (tw for racialised violence),
  3. worn Nazi symbols 
  4. supported and helped build Neo-Nazi group SvP.

There’s probably more, but I don’t have links on hand. 

They’ve been having rallies and demonstrations all over Sweden, and people have shown up just to turn their back on them and protest (this post explains it better). 

In the 2010 elections, SD were pretty much considered no better than neo-Nazis and only got 5.7% votes - it put them in 6th place and was just enough to get them into parliament. In the elections before that, they got about 2.9%. In the past four years, they’ve grown exponentially in Sweden.

They’ve also run extremely extensive PR campaigns, appealing to the youth, kicking out members “exposed” of being racist, (note: these members often end up in SvP) and picking up buzzwords from the Socialdemocrats’ ideology. 

29% of votes they gained this year were from swing voters who previously voted M,  and the biggest gain have been in the south, in small towns and the countryside:


This is not something that’s just going on in Sweden. Europe has seen an influx of extreme-right parties over the last decade or so, often thinly disguised as a party that puts ‘traditional values’ and ‘national interest’ first.

In Greece and Hungary they’ve already been in power. In Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Greece, Finland France and UK, extreme-right-wing parties have been voted into the EU. 

Because here’s the thing: we’ve forgotten what it looks like. We’ve gotten to the point where we’ve turned Nazism into a cartoonish lampoon of goose-stepping, uniforms and moral lessons that “we’ll never be like them~”, ignoring the fact nationalism is not as cut-and-dry two ends of an extreme but exists on a scale.

People have been apologising for SD’s actions for a while now because they’re not considered “extremist enough” to be neo-Nazis, because they don’t share the same beliefs, because they’ve “publicly denounced” SvP. 

But the same people still get hurt. Still SD has the institutional and systematic power and privilege to oppress, degrade and humiliate people of colour, which they already have done. Stop making excuses for them. Stop making leeways for right-wing-extremists because that is how they gain tract. 

Please spread this. 





this made me wonder what happens to like

the players who go godtier in a dead session

because, like, they’re immortal, and with everyone else dead there is no way they CAN die, because suicide is neither heroic nor just, so they will simply continue to reincarnate forever

until they start to go insane from lack of human contact and anomie

and although sburb keeps them from dying, i imagine that there’s some sort of degeneration going on, maybe every time they die they come back slightly wrong in some way, their speech becomes garbled and they slowly start to look less and less human or whatever

and eventually


the only voices left for them to hear are the whispers from the furthest ring

because with all of the time in the universe, even prospit dreamers visit Derse eventually, and as the incipisphere ages the boundaries between universes start to weaken

and it’s so hard not to just give up and accept the invitation, shuck off one’s mortal bonds and leave the session for good, sliding into the many-tentacled embrace of the horrorterrors as your body fully degenerates into madness and lines of code, no longer yourself anymore

just a whisper of what once was but is no longer human.

Anonymous said: tsukiyama 1 and 7 pleaaase :3


#1. On the forehead


# 7. On the lips




(w/e tsukki you love it)

Thank you for your request dear anon! More in the way, to be done within the week~



Jon Stewart, The Daily Show, 2014-08-26, “Race/Off” [alternate link here]

Jon was FINALLY back last night, and hit it out of the freakin park with this Ferguson segment.



Two ways of dealing with tear gas grenades from comrades in Turkey: Either submerge them in water. Make sure you can close off the container cause the gas will still spread for a while. Or throw them in the fire so the gas burns off before it can spread.






Don’t cry don’t cry DON’T CRY DON’T CRY DON’T—


Yeah no but seriously. Read it.



oh my god

did NOT see that one coming


there’s this one girl at school who sends a mass text to the whole year group whenever she sees a dog so that we can go pat it too if we’re nearby and I have petted at least five dogs because of her that I wouldn’t have otherwise and idk I hope you all have someone like her in your lives

"MY UTERUS FEELS LIKE IT HAS BEEN STABBED BY A MORGUL BLADE" -My older sister giving an incredibly accurate description of period cramps.  (via thiscolourblue)