*muffled rap music plays in the distance*

Jordan Kyle of the House Parrish, the First of His Name, the Unburnt, Prince Of Beacon, Keeper of the Pretty Eyes, Deputy of the Sheriff’s Department, and Opener of Doors

"Daniel Sharman has a face of innocence. With that in mind, what is the baddest thing you’ve ever done?" (x)


drew some kiddos instead of doing other things :x


screams this is the largest picture I’ve worked on in a very long while haha but I’m super pleased with it! Seriously, the detail shots aren’t even half of the original size haha

Sasha and Aleksis hold my heart forever <3

I was thinking of making prints of this, if there was enough interest, so if anyone would be interested in a print, let me know!!

Inspired by this gorgeous Catwoman cover done by Tim Sale


So much better than that Desert Bluffs place.


if you ever feel like you can’t draw for shit one day and nothing looks the way you want to, change up your style and you could make something awesome.


darling kanaya, oh would you please


I just wanted to draw thigh high boots……….