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This isn’t a fucking competition Legolas

Any time anyone says Tolkien isn’t funny, I bring up this scene.

To put it in context, Aragorn is a ridiculously good tracker. He had just been literally lying flat on his belly on the ground, his ear pressed to the dirt, so he could listen for footsteps of the army that was way, way out of sight. We’re talking miles away, here. Aragorn was listening to the ground. And from that, he figured out that there were a lot of riders, on hecka fast horses, heading right towards them, with the intention of fucking their shit up. Pretty badass, right?

Cue Legolas, a.k.a. You Little Shit. Legolas is an elf. His eyesight and hearing is ridiculously good. Like, it puts any human’s to shame.

He literally let Aragorn lie there on the ground and strain to hear footsteps in the distance for no reason. And when Aragorn got up, the little shit drove the point home by saying “Oh yeah, I see them, I’ve seen them this whole time, there’s a hundred and five of them, oh yeah and they’re all blonde and they’re carrying spears nbd”

Cue Aragorn gritting his teeth in frustration and Legolas smirking like the sassy pointy-eared fuck that he is.

This may actually be my favorite part of LOTR okay

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I can’t believe this.

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Work by はつ

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NEW VIDEO! “Cat Day” Thanks so much for the patience! I’ve been stock pilling videos for Buffer Festival but I squeezed one in for all of you :) Hope you enjoy it!



they spontaneously go ballroom dancing at scenic Somewhere In Daichi’s House, also the dress code is pajamas.

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this is too good i just had to post it again

this is literally my favorite thing on the fucking internet. i have never loved something more in my entire life. this video is my soul. 

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Pack up and leave everything

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this just in team gents spotted in castle in the sky

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